SnapCap™ Passes the TAS 100 (A)-95 Test for Wind and Wind-Driven Rain Resistance

Durham, NC – IPS Roofing Products, a leader in commercial and residential roofing accessories, announced that the SnapCap® Bathroom, Kitchen, and Dryer Exhaust Vent Cap has passed the TAS 100 (A)-95 test for wind and wind-driven rain resistance. The SnapCap is the first bathroom, kitchen, and dryer exhaust vent cap to pass TAS 100.

IPS contracted a third party test laboratory to conduct wind driven rain testing on the SnapCap. The vent was mounted onto a simulated roof and resisted wind and water sprays above 100 mph without allowing weather to infiltrate the attic or underside of the roof deck.

SnapCap’s lipped, counter-balanced damper did not lift when facing extreme wind speeds. The damper remained closed, protecting the roof deck and attic space from damaging amounts of water.

Gary Rosenfield, vice president & general manager of IPS Roofing Products, commented, “We are very excited about the new SnapCap. It has already received tremendous acceptance from both professional roofing contractors and distributors alike and, with this news on the test results, we definitively have the top product for this application on the market.”

SnapCap is the ideal vent cap solution for roof terminated bathroom, kitchen, & dryer exhaust fans. Equipped with a counter-balanced damper, SnapCap works with any standard fan 50 CFM and higher and provides a secure connection to 3”, 4”, & 6” flexible or rigid ducts. The innovative design provides a low-profile housing to be less noticeable on the roof. SnapCap is available in heavy gauge galvanized steel and aluminum and carries a life of the roof warranty.

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